Focus on Service and the Money Will Come

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In This Post

  • How setting non-financial based goals can lead you to making money
  • The importance of setting high standards for yourself
  • Why focusing on providing value is the most effective way to grow financially
  • Tips on reconsidering what ‘wealth’ is, and if money is something you should chase

Why Do Non-financial Goals Lead to Financial Growth?

Yes! You heard me. Setting non-financial-based goals for your financial growth is a great way to increase your wealth and succeed on your journey to financial freedom. As you are likely aware, setting clear and measurable goals is an integral part of achieving success. So, setting some specific goals for your financial health makes sense.

There is also a reason you should consider making these non-financial goals for that same life area. It will help you in the long term! It will also give you more fulfilment in the early stages of your journey, so we recommend that you focus on service.

By focusing your goals on providing value and a quality service or product, you allow yourself to put all your attention into increasing the worth of your work. Rather than simply raising your financial income.

This principle will help guide your behaviour towards actions and strategies that align with increasing your value as a worker, business owner etc. Rather than finding the quickest way to make more money, something that isn’t necessarily a great financial model.

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Why Should You Have High Standards?

Setting high standards for yourself and your work means that you are likely to prioritise more meaningful and higher-quality decisions and actions. Even if they are harder, more difficult, expensive etc in the short term. Doing things better simply for the sake of doing things well is a great habit to get into. It’s something that will only compound as time goes on and your financial income and value grow. Setting goals based on providing quality for others makes you more valuable full stop.

Setting non-financial goals for yourself also helps keep you motivated during the early stages of your financial growth journey. Say for example you are starting a new business venture. It may be a while, maybe even years, before you see any financial benefits or growth. But good things take time.

Being patient is a big part of being financially successful. Setting goals rooted in providing quality and value for others helps you to have achievable, and tangible things to measure your progress against. This can help you stay motivated and on the path to success.

Providing Value? People Will Pay!

Once you have your standards set high and are providing something that truly is valuable, you do not need to worry about whether you will gain financial success from it. It is a natural state that people will pay for valuable things. If you still aren’t seeing success, consider if you can raise the standards of your service, product, value as a worker, etc. Reanalyse if you are providing value to others, and keep it moving.

Quality is inherently important for longevity. This will always be more sustainable and more likely to lead you to financial success than cheap, quick fixes that give you more financial payoff in the short term. Success compounds over time. And the easiest way to be successful is to offer value to the world and be patient. If you are truly providing something valuable, you will see success!

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What Is ‘Wealth’?

The beauty of proving a service or product that is valuable, and of high quality, is that it can give you financial wealth. The second benefit is you can also gain non-financial wealth. Feeling pride and satisfaction in what you are providing to the world is a sign of wealth.

Enjoying the journey and serving others is a great way to feel fulfilment along the journey to financial success. Giving to your community, others you work with and the wider world is something you should try to do regardless of your financial situation.

Serving others always comes back to you. Being kind, generous and building meaningful connections is good for you as a human! As well as benefitting you as a business owner, or worker. Financial success is often heavily linked with who you know, your connections and your ability to cooperate.

So, remember to provide value to those around you. Let your financial health and journey grow along in the background, while you prioritise serving others in whatever way you can. Trust in the process and watch the health of your finances improve, as you bring quality and value to those around you. 

To Put it Minimally

  • Setting goals not based in money can help you focus on providing quality and value
  • Providing something valuable is the most important thing – people will pay for great value!
  • Ensuring you have high standards for your work and what you do for others helps you maintain this value and service focus
  • Remember to consider what ‘wealth’ means to you – chasing a set financial goal might be helpful, or it might be a distraction

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