What is “The Minimal Minds?”

Welcome to The Minimal Minds, a UK based website about taking the simple path to a fulfilled life! My goal is take the content I read and lessons I have learned and condense them into an easy to consume format, which hopefully brings you value.

The origin of The Minimal Minds

I created the website back in July of 2021 whilst living in British Columbia, Canada. I’d been reading self-development books for years at this point and the main thing I found frustrating is there is just so much content out there, it’s hard to filter through everything whilst keeping the really useful wisdom in mind. So in order to not get overwhelmed, this website is my attempt to create an archive of genuinely useful viewpoints on a range of topics.

How does this site make money?

The short answer is, it doesn’t! You will never see an ad on this website, and I don’t have any courses or info-products to sell you. Occasionally if I mention a book in a post, I’ll leave an affiliate link and I might make about 1-2% of that in commission.

If you really find value in what I post, you can get yourself a sticker which helps cover the maintenance costs – I’ll post it myself anywhere in the world. There is really no obligation though!